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At Wild Ranch Safari, we want your hunting trip to Argentina to be unforgettable. That’s why if you’re looking for the best hunt in the country, you’ve come to the right place, a family of hunters who understand all your emotions for this trip.

We always remind you to have appropriate clothing and equipment to face the climate and hunting terrain in Argentina. The weather can change suddenly, especially in wooded areas or at high altitudes, so it is essential to be prepared.
Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that our seasons are opposite to those of the Northern Hemisphere.

Argentina is a vast and large country, with a relief ranging from mountainous to extensively flat areas. As a result, the climate can vary drastically from one area to another, so it is essential to be well-equipped. On the other hand, the terrain can be very challenging, requiring good physical condition, especially when chasing a deer in the heart of the Argentine Andes for several days. In that sense, you will have to ride a horse, climb steep slopes, rugged mountains, streams, and canyons in search of your trophy.

Hunting Times

The hunting season in Argentina depends on the animal being hunted. However, the main season is between March and August, where you can combine major and minor hunting. In these days, the first cold of the year begins accompanied by the roar of the red deer.

List of items for our hunting trip

– It is essential to have a layer that provides protection against wind and rain, especially when
hunting in mountainous areas in the southern Patagonia.
– The use of gloves prepared for hunting is always a good idea.
– Sturdy footwear is crucial. Boots with good ankle support and firm soles with good grip are
especially important in steeper conditions such as the Andes Mountains, as well as to avoid the
entry of large thorns that you can find in the forests of La Pampa Argentina.
– Most of the hunting in Argentina is done through stalking, so good binoculars are essential to
detect animals.

– The use of sprays or creams to prevent insects like mosquitoes is also very important.
– The use of camouflage clothing can be an advantage, although not essential, as long as the colors are opaque, brown, or olive green if camouflage is not used.
– Using sports sunglasses for shots will help you when hunting small game.
– Hearing protectors will be very important since if you are thinking of doing small game hunting, you can shoot more than 1000 shots per day.
– Many of the duck hunts require us to walk a few meters in the water; we recommend bringing waders for the same. If you can’t get them, don’t worry, we have all the necessary sizes.

Taxidermy or Trophy Preparation


We work with some of the best and leading taxidermists in Argentina. They can prepare your trophy and send it to your home in the way you prefer.


If you prefer to send your trophy to your trusted taxidermist, we will assist in arranging the appropriate preparation of the animal for shipment to the country of your choice for an additional fee.

Firearms and Licenses

Small Game Hunting

For bird hunting, Rancho Salvaje Safari has two shotgun brands (Benelli and Beretta) in 12 and 20 gauges. The shotguns are semi-automatic, with the M2 models for Benelli and A400 Xplor Kick Off for Beretta.

License: Hunting permits are managed by Rancho Salvaje Safari. Once the hunt begins, each hunter will have a permit and license that will allow them to hunt different species and animals in various provinces.

Big Game Hunting

Rancho Salvaje Safari has over 25 different calibers for you to choose from for your hunting, but if you want to bring your own firearm, it won’t be a problem. You must notify us of this situation, and we will send you the necessary forms that you must complete. Keep in mind that paperwork at the airport will take between 1:00 and 2:00 hours.

For medium to small-bodied animals, we recommend calibers:

243 Winchester
270 Winchester
308 Winchester
3006 Springfield

For medium to large-bodied animals:

7 mm Remington Magnum
300 Winchester Magnum

For Water Buffalo hunting, we recommend using these calibers:

375 Holland & Holland
458 Winchester Magnum

Frequently Asked Questions

Bird Hunting
Doves and Pigeon, all year
Ducks and Partridge, May to August
Big Game
Fallow and Red deer, March to July
The rest of the species all year

Reception at the Ezeiza International Airport (EZE). Assistance with customs if you are traveling with weapons. Accommodation in a double room with private bathroom. Housekeeping. Wifi. Meals and drinks, including alcohol in moderation. Complete organization of the hunt. Professional hunting guides and bird boys during the hunt. Dogs for partridge hunting and equipment necessary for hunting. Rifles and ammunition for big game hunting (we have all calibers).
Extra night at the hunting lodge. Shotgun rental (Benelli and Beretta caliber 12 and 20, we also have left-handed shotguns). Hunting license. Waders (available to rent). Shells. International or national flights. Insurance. Hotel before or after the hunt. Phone calls. Gratuities.

Yes, there will always be someone from our organization to welcome you and assist you in whatever is necessary. You will always be accompanied by us.

We organize the transfer from the International Airport to the Domestic Airport or directly to the lodge via vehicles. We have transportation agencies with vehicles large enough to accommodate any sized group including minivan, SUV, or executive cars to transfer.

YES, domestic flights depart from Jorge Newbery airport, 45 minutes from the International airport. There are daily flights from Buenos Aires to Santa Rosa, La Pampa by Aerolineas Argentinas and the duration is 1 hour and thirty minutes. From there our lodge is 120 km away. We also work with private charter companies who use an airport 50 minutes from our lodge.

Passport (can not expire within 6 months of your arrival for the hunt).
VISA is not required.
There is a reciprocity charge for citizens of the USA, Canada or Australia, which is paid before admission and lasts 10 years.

The steps are the following:
– Hunters who wish to bring semi-automatic weapons must obtain a permit at the Argentine Consulate in their country, before traveling to Argentina. If the weapon is double barrel or O/U, they do not need consular permission.
– The hunters must provide us with all the information about the weapon, and a copy of the consular permit.
– Hunters must provide us with a copy of their passport, address and telephone number.
– When they arrive in Argentina, they must go to the National Registry of Arms to obtain the permit to enter with their weapons. They must pay the stipulated rate in cash (approximately $70 depending on the exchange rate at that time).
– There are no controls on bow and arrows entering the country

Rancho Salvaje Safari has semi-automatic shotguns, 12 and 20 caliber, Benelli and Beretta, also left-handed shotguns. Shotguns are rented per day.
Rifles for big game are included in the program. We have all the calibers because the owner is a guide and hunter fond of weapons, therefore depending on the trophy you will have a rifle with the corresponding caliber.

The big game trophies will be exported through an Argentine broker, who will contact the broker you decide in your country and that will carry out the process for you. The first preparation of the skin is done on the hunting ground, then we send it to the broker in Buenos Aires who will be in charge of finalizing the preparation of the trophies and sending them. He will contact you for payments and shipping costs. We have no responsibility for shipments.

The clothes will depend on the place of hunting and the time of the year. The weather in winter is cold, therefore we recommend comfortable and strong shirts and pants, wool sweater, hat, gloves and a thick waterproof jacket for morning duck hunts. Bring your own waders if possible, as quality waders in Argentina are hard to find. With regard to footwear, we recommend short waterproof boots for long partridge walks.

Argentina uses 220 volts, with 3-pin sockets.

Get in contact with Rancho Salvaje Safari, let’s customize your trip to your needs, dates and accommodations.

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Get in contact with Rancho Salvaje Safari, let’s customize your trip to your needs, dates and accommodations.

Just fill in the form below with your name and email address with a short message and and we will get back to you.

Santa Rosalia 1541, San Andres, CP 1651, Buenos Aires, Argentina.