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At Rancho Salvaje Safari, we take pride in offering a unique fishing experience in Argentina. The passionate drive behind our dedication to this thrilling sport stems from Carlos Daniel Z’s childhood, where fishing has been a fundamental part of his life. This passion has been passed down through generations in our family, becoming one of our main activities.

We have explored and fished in every corner of this beautiful country, discovering the best fishing spots and accumulating valuable knowledge over the years.

A few years ago, we decided to share this exciting experience with a select group of fishermen each year.At Rancho Salvaje Safari, we aim to provide an unforgettable fishing experience, which is why we only take a limited number of reservations each year, ensuring a unique exclusivity. We take you to the best fishing destinations throughout Argentina, verified by us personally.

Each fishing program guarantees the best fishing you can imagine, granting you access to the most exclusive locations and promising thrilling moments as you pursue Argentina’s most coveted species.
 We look forward to welcoming you to this truly unforgettable experience.

Lago Strobel

Welcome to the fascinating adventure of fly fishing in Lake Strobel, in the Argentinean Patagonia! It is one of the most exceptional destinations in the world for trophy trout fishing.
 In this remote and spectacular corner of the world, anglers find a paradise where crystal-clear waters and majestic mountains intertwine to create one of the finest habitats for rainbow trout.
 Lake Strobel, also known as the land of giant trouts, is one of the most coveted destinations for fly fishing enthusiasts. Located in the province of Santa Cruz, in the heart of the Argentinean Patagonia, this lake has earned its reputation as the home of some of the largest and most powerful trouts in the world.

Rio Olnie

Guaranteeing 50 trout averaging 13 pounds per rod per day, it is undoubtedly the place you’ll want to go.
 Get ready for an unparalleled fishing experience in the extraordinary Lake Olnie in the Argentinean Patagonia! Here, you’ll find much more than just a fishing destination: you’ll immerse yourself in a true paradise that ensures successful and exciting fishing.
 The renowned Lake Olnie, known for its impressive results, offers something no fly fisherman can resist: the guarantee of catching 50 trout per rod per day! These impressive numbers are just the beginning of what awaits you in this unparalleled location.

Represa de Salto Grande

Welcome to the battle of the famous dorados, the most renowned place for dorado fishing. However, access to this location is limited to only a few companies. Rancho Salvaje Safari will take you on board so you can experience this incredible adventure in Salto Grande. Dorado fishing is unique for the thrilling and challenging fight it offers. Considered one of the most powerful and resilient freshwater fish, the dorado is a trophy that inhabits the warm waters of South America, especially in the rivers of Argentina.

Types of fishing
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In Argentina, there is a wide variety of options for fishing enthusiasts. Thanks to its extensive coastline, rivers, and lakes, the country offers diverse opportunities to enjoy sport fishing.

At Rancho Salvaje Safari, you can enjoy the following types of fishing:
Fly fishing: It is one of the most appreciated techniques in Argentina, especially for trout fishing in rivers and lakes. By using flies to imitate insects and other natural trout food, you can experience truly incredible fishing.

Boat fishing: At Rancho Salvaje Safari, we have spacious and state-of-the-art boats for comfortable and safe fishing, reaching amazing locations for dorado fishing.

Lure fishing: This involves using artificial lures such as spoons, spinnerbaits, jerkbaits, or crankbaits to attract predator fish like the famous dorado.

Bait fishing: One of the most effective methods for dorado or surubi fishing is using live bait, such as small fish like minnows or catfish.

Shore fishing: Shore fishing in Argentine lakes is a popular and exciting activity for sport fishing enthusiasts. Argentine lakes offer a great diversity of species and breathtaking landscapes, making this experience unforgettable.

Wading: When the angler wades into the river to fish, they have the opportunity to access areas of the river that are difficult to reach from the shore. This allows them to explore and fish in strategic spots where fish gather, such as fast currents, pools, eddies, and submerged structures. Being in the water gives the angler greater mobility and flexibility to move and adapt to the river conditions.

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Our Fishing Equipmen

At Rancho Salvaje Safari, we ensure that every angler has the option to bring their own fishing equipment. Our experienced guides will be at your disposal to advise you on which flies to use and provide valuable tips throughout your experience. If you prefer to travel light and not carry additional gear, we offer new state-of-the-art equipment. Our guides, who will be by your side during every moment of this incredible adventure, have tied flies specifically for you, ensuring that you have the right tools to make the most of your fishing experience. At Rancho Salvaje Safari, we strive to provide comfort and quality in every aspect of your fishing trip. Whether you prefer to bring your own gear or take advantage of our high-end equipment, you can be confident that you will be ready to tackle any challenge the Strobel Lake presents. Get ready to enjoy fly fishing at its best, surrounded by stunning landscapes and guided by passionate experts. At Rancho Salvaje Safari, we are committed to providing you with an unforgettable experience at Strobel Lake in the Argentine Patagonia.

Our Fishing Equipmen

Single Hand

Two Handed Rod


When it comes to fishing in Lake Strobel, Lake Olnie, or Salto Grande Dam, it's important to dress appropriately to be comfortable and protected during your fishing expedition. Here are some tips on what type of clothing to wear in this environment

  • Layered clothing: Opt for dressing in layers, allowing you to adjust your attire according to changing
    weather conditions. Start with a long-sleeved shirt or quick-drying shirt as a base layer, and then add a sweatshirt or fleece jacket as an intermediate layer. For the outer layer, choose a windbreaker or waterproof jacket to protect you from gusts of wind and possible rain.
  • Durable pants: Select durable and comfortable pants that allow for free movement. Trekking pants or fishing pants made from water-resistant and quick-drying materials are ideal to protect you from splashes and provide comfort during long fishing days.
  • Appropriate footwear: Wear waterproof shoes or boots with non-slip soles to tackle the wet conditions of the lake. Ensure they are comfortable and provide good support for walking on uneven terrain.
  • Hat and sunglasses: Shield your face and eyes from the sun by wearing a cap with a visor to prevent glare and protect against UV rays. Additionally, use polarized sunglasses to enhance your vision and safeguard your eyes from water reflection.
  • Gloves: Consider wearing lightweight yet sturdy gloves to protect your hands from cold, wind, and contact with fish and gear. Fingerless or convertible gloves will allow dexterity for handling fishing equipment without sacrificing protection.
  • Remember that the weather in Lake Strobel can be unpredictable, so it’s important to be prepared for any eventualities. Adapting your clothing to the weather conditions will enable you to enjoy a more comfortable and pleasant fishing experience.

Essential Clothing

We recommend bringing the following clothing to suit the weather conditions

Combine fishing with our Hunting Programs

At Rancho Salvaje Safari, we take pride in offering a unique experience that combines the thrill of hunting with incredible fishing in both the southern and northern regions of Argentina.

Depending on the month you choose, you can select fishing alongside certain big game animals or even specific small game animals.

Below, you can customize your trip by choosing the activities you would like to participate in. We will then
contact you to refine the details of your stay in Argentina.


Fishing licenses are obtained on-site on the day of your arrival at the facilities in any of the locations where you wish to fish with us.

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Get in contact with Rancho Salvaje Safari, let’s customize your trip to your needs, dates and accommodations.

Just fill in the form below with your name and email address with a short message and and we will get back to you.

Santa Rosalia 1541, San Andres, CP 1651, Buenos Aires, Argentina.