Personalized Hunting Package

Our "small game" hunting package

Offers between 4 to 6 full days of hunting. It includes transfers from Ministro Pistarini International Airport, personalized hunting guide, access to hunting areas, cleaning services, as well as all meals and beverages with an open bar option.

Our customized packages are co-designed with you

We’ll be by your side, guiding and advising you to choose the best options according to your preferences. We know how exhausting it can be to move from one place to another or undertake long journeys. However, you have nothing to worry about as we will strive to minimize these travels and ensure that you make the most of your time in Argentina, experiencing thrilling hunting, fishing adventures, and other activities specially selected by you.

Available from

1 de january - 30 de december

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$ 500


one Day

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with incredible discounts

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Double and Single room



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When is the Red Stag season in Argentina?

The Red Stag hunting season is from the beginning of March to the end of June, however the Red Stag roaring months are March and April, in which we can hear the loud roaring of the deer that will allow us to follow them and locate them.


Rancho Salvaje Safari has two lodges located in two of the most desired places for Red Stag hunting in Patagonia Argentine. Providing a unique and wild adventure 100% personalized to each hunter.

The Andes Lodge

Rancho Salvaje Safari has one of the most sought after places for red deer hunting in the Andes Mountains, our Lodge is located in Neuquen province, two hours from San Martin de Los Andes Airport. We have an exclusive natural area for hunting. The hunting area is located in the Andes mountain range between 700 and 1000 meters high. Its vegetation is made up of forests and meadows, with a great richness in landscape and food for animals in the area, which allows us to find the largest deer in Argentina in the wild (free ranch).

La Pampa Lodge

Rancho Salvaje Safari offers an unparalleled hunting experience in the Red Deer paradise, where the dense forests and majestic animals create the perfect blend for an unforgettable hunt. Located in the province of La Pampa, and just minutes away from smaller game hunting areas, the “La Paloma” lodge is equipped with everything needed for an unforgettable stay. Upon your arrival at Ministro Pistarini International Airport in Buenos Aires, our team will be there to greet you. You’ll have the option to transfer to Buenos Aires’ domestic airport (Jorge Newbery International Airport) and catch a flight to the province of La Pampa, where we’ll be waiting for you (flight duration: approximately 45 minutes). From there, we’ll proceed to the lodge (travel time: approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes). Alternatively, you can choose to be transported directly to the lodge by minibus (travel time: roughly 5 hours). Please note that these travel times are approximate and subject to change based on factors such as traffic conditions and flight schedules.


We have a great variety of wildlife, which allows us to organize hunting combos from the same location. We can show you the most interesting packages to choose from, or we can create a customized package just for you.

Package 1

Red Stag / Blackbuck / Buffalo 5 Days Hunting

Package 2

Red Stag / Bufalo 4 Days Hunting

Package 3

Red Stag / Blackbuck / Axis Deer / Fallow Deer 7 Days Hunting

Package 4

Blackbuck / Buffalo / Muflon 4 Days Hunting

Package 5

Red Stag / 5 full days with small game partridge, pigeon, doves, duck

Package 6

Blackbuck / Buffalo / Muflon / Wild Boar

Rifle / Bow Hunting

At Rancho Salvaje Safari, bow hunting is unmatched, the great variety of forests and mountains allow us to stalk the prey, achieving an unimaginable closeness. Thanks to the skill of the professional guides they will allow you to get within 40 yards (45 meters) of a deer, buffalo or the animal of your choice. Imagine being at that distance from a 2.200 pound (1.000 kilo) buffalo or a deer on the roaring…it’s really exciting. We also have a collection of rifles with more than 20 different calibers ready to try and use. We will accommodate each of them to your needs. You can also choose the gr. of the bullets to use. We will advise you which rifle to use for each hunt… don’t worry. Our test shooting ranges will allow you to test different rifles and bows before each hunting trip. Giving it one last checked is never too much.

Get in contact with Rancho Salvaje Safari, let’s customize your trip to your needs, dates and accommodations.

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Get in contact with Rancho Salvaje Safari, let’s customize your trip to your needs, dates and accommodations.

Just fill in the form below with your name and email address with a short message and and we will get back to you.

Santa Rosalia 1541, San Andres, CP 1651, Buenos Aires, Argentina.